It’s the Little Things

As my four seasons in Corris come full circle, I am increasingly aware that life’s mystery and grace is contained in the simplest things. Happiness is not something to be pursued, rather, happiness is already available inviting our embrace. We need look no further than to the grass beneath our feet or the clouds above our heads to witness the awesome miracles of which we are a part.

I have been restored, rejuvenated, and reminded of God’s greatness by taking time to watch and wonder at the limitless beauty of the natural world, and at the innate goodness of the people I encounter through their simple acts of kindness and generosity.

Finding a baby lamb dangerously close to the road and working with a friend to reunite it with its frantic mother on the other side of a gate, filled me with indescribable joy and a deeper appreciation for the biblical analogy of the good shepherd. Once again understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Each one of us can choose to respond to the invitation to care for one other in order to realize the divine promise which is Love.

Author: juliehagerty

I love meeting people and sharing stories. This blog is my musings on the world I encounter in my travels.

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